Screen Print Pre-Orders

This section is for pre-orders. 

Pre-orders will open on Fridays and close on Sunday. 

Screen print pre-orders will take approximately 3 weeks to come in.

Pre-orders are for screen print transfers. You will not receive a finished garment. 

Please do not purchase ready to ship and pre-orders in the same transaction unless you do not mind waiting for everything to ship together. If you would like ready to ship transfers shipped before pre-orders come in, please do two separate transactions. 


A little about screenprints- 

Screen prints can go on almost any material/color. 


To press- 

Heat your heat press to 375 degrees. Once heated, you will pre-press your garment for 10 seconds. After, you will lay your transfer down and press for 7 seconds with medium to high pressure. You do not need a teflon sheet to press screen prints.